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Credit: J. Demetrie Photography

Credit: J. Demetrie Photography

Dear Fellow Artists and Food Lovers,

        Here is my story. I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater from The Boston Conservatory. Upon graduating, I was new to New York City, or "green" as they say.  As an ethnically ambiguous actress, I dreamed of versatility. I wanted to play anything and everything under the sun. Eventually, this approach left me feeling diluted, unfocused, and very frustrated. I was trying to be an idea of myself, and it never seemed to work. 

         So as an unemployed actress of NYC, what did I do? I worked. I was a voice teacher, a party coordinator for children's birthday parties (I have a picture of me dressed as Glinda the Good Witch to prove it), worked sales and got brand new toys into major retailers nationwide, and I even had a brief stint in a marketing campaign for Uber ice cream trucks. I gave so much of myself to my "survival jobs", and over time, I auditioned less and less.

        In an attempt to get that spark back, I sought out more temporary gigs that would give me more freedom to get back into the audition circuit. That's when I started doing demos at all of the Whole Foods and major food events across Manhattan. I handed out samples of yogurts, cold-pressed juices, energy bars, etc. What I thought would be a humdrum gig ended up changing my life. Crazy, right?

Here's how:

  1. I became healthier. Educating customers about what makes these products so great started to rub off onto me. By applying these fun facts to my own diet, I lost 20 lbs., had more energy, and was consistently in a MUCH better mood (High five!). Surrounded by label-reading customers, I became one myself. 
  2. Branding. This is a pretty hot term in the actor community at the moment. I often found it to be overwhelming to brand myself when I WAS STILL FIGURING OUT WHO I WAS! So during my demos, I would mentally personify my products by studying its strengths and perfecting a sales pitch. In this case study, I found many parallels between the industry of an actor and the industry of a food product. For instance,  it's really efficient to know which customers to focus on (our target casting offices/audience), how to catch customer's attention with presentation and packaging (how we visually present ourselves), why rejection happens (and how we as actors REALLY need to not take it that personally...Ex: if my yogurt is only non-fat and a customer only eats full fat, TOO BAD! Move on to the next! There are tons of non-fat yogurt lovers waiting to have a taste!!), and how to stand out amongst the tons of competitors. That brings me to the most important...
  3. I premiered the hottest selling product in town: ME. When I initially started doing demos, I tried to be very formal about it. It was lame, and customers could see right through the BS. After a while, I got over the whole robot approach and just talked to New Yorkers! We had debates over different sweeteners, swapped stories about GMO's and the importance of grass-fed cow's dairy. Customers trusted my knowledge, and felt excited to take my products home. And even if they weren't buying my product, they at least had a fun and memorable experience associated with it. I was just being me, it was infectious...and who knew that that would be such a huge seller?!

To my Talent:

I give you better, flexible jobs that allow you to use your performance skills in advocation of a healthier lifestyle not only for yourself, but your fellow New Yorkers as well.

To my Future Clients:

I give you reliable, charismatic people who are passionate about your product and want to take it to the next level. This is not just another third party demo staffing agency. We perform. We thrive on passion. We embrace opportunities to grow outside of the stores and support your brand in taking the biggest bite possible out of The Big Apple.


                                                                                Doin' what comes naturally,