Natural Talent.

Perform Your Product


Specializing in in-store food demonstrations and brand ambassador promotion work.

Doing what comes naturally.

 Natural Talent is completely staffed with artists. 

Actors.                 Dancers.               Musicians.               Vocalists.

The heart of NYC.

Outside of demos and events, our staff is out there auditioning, performing, and continuing to hone their craft. The training that they have received can not only bring them to the Broadway stage, but easily be practiced within the Natural Food & Beverage Industry as well. We train our talent to approach customers as if they are in a scene. How would you approach a "bro" looking for some protein after a workout vs. a young mom with a screaming baby? Our performance goal is to educate customers on your brand, get them to start a buzz throughout town, and develop consumer-brand loyalty ("Encore!").



Natural Talent is completely staffed with food lovers.

Vegetarians.         Paleos.           Chocoholics.          Vegans.

The tummies of NYC.

We try to match our clients with the talent that can live by their product. For instance, we make sure to match vegan products with those of a vegan lifestyle. This not only helps interactions with customers, but it helps establish an intimate and relatable line of communication between client and talent. Your product isn't just any other product for us. We care about its growth and we want it to succeed.


If you would like to work for Natural Talent., please send your headshot and resumes to